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People always question why they have a virus or malware on their computer when they have antivirus software installed. Computer virus`s are so much more sophisticated than they use to me this is very common. Also virus and malware will trick you into clicking a link that tells your antivirus software that it is okay to infect your system.

Virus`s come in many shapes and forms to a very mild one to one that can be very destructive to your personal data. Malware usually comes in the form of a fake warning telling you that you have thousands of virus`s or problems with your computer. This is called a fake warning and is very popular.

MCS use a wide variety of tools to remove unwanted files on your computer and can usually do this without you losing all your data. In some extreme circumstances it is necessary to restore your system back to manufacturers settings but we do a full data backup before doing so.

 If you think you have been infected then please feel free to contact us where we will be able to advise you.